Snuffle Mats are food and treat dispensing toys with lots of little pockets that are perfect for slowing down fast eaters, lowering anxiety levels and keeping pets mentally stimulated. They are also ideal for use while animals are recuperating after illness or injury by providing enrichment if they are confined in a space.

How to use a snuffle mat:

First time you use the Snuffle Mat Put  3-5 really tasty treats on the top of the snuffle mat loosely in the fleece. Stay with your dog whilst they learn how to sniff out the treats. If the dog starts to lift or pull at the mat then you can ask them to Sit or give them the ‘Leave it’ command. Then encourage them to continuing sniffing by pointing out the treats on the mat to them.


Small 17" x 17"

Medium 22" x 22"

Large 27" x 27"
Made in United Kingdom

Snuffle Mat

PriceFrom £21.00