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This multi-function HALTI Lead was designed by Dr Roger Mugford to provide optimum control, and to simplify training with headcollars or harnesses. This lead enables you to control, guide and tether a dog everyday situations.


With 8 uses it is a versatile training lead for all your training needs: 
1. Short length for heel training or normal walking 
2. Medium length for obedience training 
3. Long length for recall or distance work 
4. Hands-free dog training 
5. Two dogs on one lead - making use of the double ended trigger hook 
6. Easy, supervised tethering 
7. Double steering for optimum HALTI control 
8. Recommended for use with the HALTI Headcollar/Harness 


Small (L:2m W:15mm)
Large (L:2m W:25mm)

Company of Animals Halti Training Lead


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