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Nova Chewllagen Beef Roll is a dog treat made from collagen extracted from the hides of grass-fed cattle in South America. Through a heating process, the collagen proteins are hydrolysed and broken down into smaller, easily digestible molecules. This results in a more nutritious and beneficial treat for your canine companion.


The collagen undergoes shaping and baking resulting in a bread-like texture. It is then dipped in authentic beef or chicken. Comprised mostly of type 1 and type 3 collagen, Chewllagen promotes the production of cartilage, providing joint cushioning and alleviating joint discomfort.


Chewllagen not only promotes post-walk recovery in dogs, but also enhances muscular endurance and strength. Additionally, it can improve gut health and function in your furry friend.


Collagen is a crucial protein for your pets, aiding in the growth and repair of bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, and fur. As animals age, their collagen production and quality decrease, making Chewllagen Chicken Roll the perfect choice for your four-legged companion’s health.


  • For dogs and puppies over 4 months old
  • Composition: Collagen 65%, Beef 18%, Corn Starch, Vegetable glycerin, collagen fibre
  • Ideal as a training treat or reward.
  • High in Protein
  • Low in Fat

Chewllagen Beef Roll 10”

  • Collagen 65%, Beef 18%, Corn Starch, Vegetable glycerin, collagen fibre

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