Easy to grow kitty grass for a clean and fresh source of roughage.


Cats need greens to provide vitamins (folic acid), aid their digestion, assist in removing fur balls and increase roughage in their diet.

Cats will naturally eat grass when out on the prowl, but the grass they eat may well be tainted with chemicals or urine and faeces from other dogs and cats.

When you grow your own grass you can be sure that it is clean and fresh.

Kitty grass is easy to grow and it provides an excellent source of vegetation. It is also suitable for other animals such as dogs and rabbits. 

An excellent product for housebound and city living kitties!
Contains a tub of grass seed in a special substrate that absorbs and holds water.

Armitage Good Girl Kitty Grass


    1. Pierce 4 or 5 holes in the base of the container.

    2. Remove lid.

    3. Stand on a plate and water until very damp. Place in the dark.

    4. After germination, stand in a light place and water when required.

    5. When the grass is about 6cm to 7cm high it is ready for your cat to enjoy.